20.00 USD

You get all the other kits and one of the best /kit Noblesse! ( PROTECTION 7, SHARPNESS 6)

You get 5 KOTH KEYS, and 2 NOBLESSE KEYS, you can check them in /warp crates

You get 2x more mcmo EXP!

You get your own vaults by typing /pv 1 (You get 10 Vaults!)

You can mine spawners with silktouch!

Great command /nick

You can change your nickname color with /nick &c

More features on the /shop

You get extra items when u mine spawners with silktouch

Exclusive /kit Coal (PROT2,SHARP2)

Exclusive /kit Iron (PROT3,SHARP3)

Exclusive /kit Gold (PROT4, SHARP4)

Exclusive /kit Diamond (PROT6, SHARP5)

Exclusive /kit Raid

Exclusive /kit Build

10 sethomes available

U will have ability to join full server!

And all the Other ranks  features